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Basically this control inherits from the Panel web control and it's going to work as container for the portion of the page we want to refresh(more or less the same behaviour of the AJAX update panel).Each JaqueyControll must contains at most one web user control (.ascx) that represent the portion of the page that is going to be refreshed.If you need refresh more then on section you just need add more then one JqueryControll each one with their web user control.The key concept of this solution is instead of call a web service using Jquery to bind the JSON response to the interface, it does a post to a web page passing any parameter we need on the server side to satisfy the request. On the page (that must inherits from PageBase that is explained later) you can find already filled up a collection with all the parameters you post.Thus you have everything you need on the server side to satisfy the request.Then you just need call Refresh method on the JqueryController to refresh the interface on the client side with out deal with Jquery or javascript!

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